Materials: Gouache, ink, 3D print, map pins, and five euro bill.
Dimensions: 71 x 71 cm
Playing on sacred geometry, an architectural plan, and an altarpiece, Ahmed’s drawing is a form of counting and contradiction in form: four torn pieces of a five Euro bill surround a five-sided pentagon, and this pentagon contains a six-fold pattern. Thus we arrive at a form of clouting 4, 5, 5, 6. This counting is full of discrepancies and contradictions: something that is valued at five is also four, while a pentagon cannot fit a six-folded pattern. At the center is a resin print of the “Vortex-Faced Being,” seen to make a facial expression. It is this passage from the rational to the irrational that allows one to perceive a face of the wind in a mere turbulence pattern.
Framed as presented at “Ruach not Rauch” at Harlan Levey projects, 2019. The exhibition featured special LED lighting so images in daylight prior to framing are presented below.