A is for Albatross

Dimensions: 556 mm x 413 mm x 25 mm
Materials: Archival FujiFlex super glossy mounted on Diasec Plexi and Alu-Dibond.

This image documents a test conducted at the Plasmatron at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, a NATO facility on the outskirts of Brussels. The Plasmatron is one of two in the world and within it the conditions of atmospheric reentry for Earth or any other planet can be simulated. The heat generated is approximately equivalent to that of the surface of the Sun. This letter “A” is made out of P90 cork, the same material the hulls of spaceships are made from. This was a test to see if language can descend from the Heavens to the Earth. The model survived and the results were positive. This is a preliminary study for forms of colonization.

Making of A is for Albatross from haseeb ahmed on Vimeo.