Fountain of the Amazons

Sketch and premise using one of three posters. 

Medical model used to demonstrate diaphragm use now used to demonstrate effects of contraceptives. 

contraceptives are introduce to the water cycle fo the artwork with an automated fish feeder- 1 per day. 

the 3D model features a possible future fantasy cause by contraceptive pollution.

The adrogenous figures are part human part fish as fish are effected by contraceptive use by increasing gender imbalance and making more female fish. 

Increase in female to male organisms caused by contraceptives in water speaks to the perrenial fantasy of matriarchy as seen in wonder woman. 

Kidneys are the filtration system of the body. Here artifical kidneys used in dialysis filter contraceptive saturated water. 

The candles represent accumulation. Pharmaceuticals like contraceptives are non-biodegradable. they are measured as parts per trillion and billion. They do accumulate in the body and in nature. 

the fly fishing bate is an homage to the trout they are meant to catch and which were used in water treatment plants as the last measure of water safety before entering drinking water.