Holographic Sparta
Dimensions: 50 cm diameter 10 cm height 
Materials: Holofan, 3D animation

Descriptive excerpt from Ruach not Rauch catalog at Harlan Levey Projects by Meghana Karnik and Haseeb Ahmed.

“The steel ring that once bound the fiberglass wind tunnel together is now elevated above it. Its closed circle recalls the wind tunnels former shape. It has a new purpose: to suspend light. A hologram of the vulture, Sparta, revolves as if weightless. At times her body is body is multiplied and the birds confer with one another around the face of the wind. Sparta’s appearance is a recurrence of Wird, Ahmed’s last solo exhibition at Harlan Levey Projects, where the vulture appeared in the flesh, though concealed from direct view and viewable only through a mirror on the ceiling located where the hologram now resides.

The animal so closely associated with death now appears ghost-like and semi-transparent. Ahmed captured Sparta in a 3D scan at the facilities of Inzert Graphics in the village of Hulshout. Imagining the LED lights of the camera array to be the sun, she spread her wings to bask.

Composed of light the Sparta’s form emerges as the result of the human eye’s persistence of vision. Just like her companion, the Vortex-Faced Being, Sparta’s semblance is created by the spinning blades of a fan. On the opposite quadrant of the circle, a specially designed LED lamp by artist Adrien Lucca illuminates the embryonic explosion at the center of the tower of silence. The steel ring hosts more lights around its perimeter to illuminate the reliefs surrounding it.”