Interior Weathers

exhibiton text:
Interior Weathers
is an immersive exhibition in which visitors will experience a cascade of interior atmospheric events within 1708. The interior weather system is produced by air quality control  a network of sensors that manipulate  climate control appliances and 1708’s air conditioning system.

A sound composition, produced in collaboration with musicians Heavy Color, will accompany the installation as a sensorial guide informing visitors of societal and cultural significance of wind and its references and representations. The sound composition and sculptural installation both draw the link between the body and building as breathing systems and to the cultural significance of breath itself. 

Ahmed’s use of household machines, pre-existing infrastructure each speak to the four elements of fire, earth, air, and water which correspond to the qualities of hot, dry, cool, and wet. These qualities were associated with specific bodily fluids and the task of their balance for good health in Humorism, a dominant conception of medicine from antiquity to the early 20th century, 

and sound gesture towards the development of a techno-poetics between the quotidian technological surrounds of modern society and the sublime, ineffable nature of air and wind.

curated by Park Myers
commissioned by 1708 Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, USA
September 3 - October 16, 2010 

Special thanks to Pieter Heremans, Jan Huygh of Atelier Vilvoorde, Ilias Ilias Kalisperakis and Panagiota Stamatopoulou of Up2Metric, Harlan Levey Projects, and Petra Lafond, Ilias Kalisperakis and Panagiota Stamatopoulou of Up2Metric as part of a Mindspaces artist residency from the EU Science Technology and Arts (STARTS) initiative.  

Study Image depicting humors