Mixing Paint for the base of the muqarnas dome with Adrien Lucca. The pigment load is exception and this is the most brilliant acrylic paint possible thanks to Adrien’s years of expertise and innovation in developing color. Green is the hardest color to create as the yellow pigment is dense and resists being broken down while the blue and greens used are hydrophobic. 



Completion of the Wind Egg Scroll Comissioned by Prof.  Staf Van Tendeloo at the University of Antwerp. It contains my entire PhD in an 8 meter long scroll, hand written, drawn, and photographed on bamboo paper. 

Sketches for  “Stock Weather”
for Robotics in the Exanded field curated by Giulia Bini
Comissioned by Ecole Polytechnique Fedral Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland

Photos my father sent me of a  cow in Pakistan for which I also have a stake to offer as alms for the Eid Feast tomorrow.