Wind  Egg Scroll
2017, Edition of 3

This scroll is one of the outcomes of the Wind Egg project, containing 5 years of work in a single dense form.

As a scroll, the Wind Egg can be read as a flow both backwards and forwards. It demonstrates the intricate interconnection between technology, architectural ornament, ancient thought, and the sciences of fluid dynamics, brain and cognitive scinences, and physics. Remarkably, the project contains no fiction.

Using cutting edge wind tunnel technology, the Wind Egg project realizes the ancient Greek, Egyptian,
Arabic, and Indian thought that animals and people could be fertilized by the wind just as plants are. Ahmed’s experimental work at the von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (BE) saw the insemination, fertilization and incubation of a wind egg. Here too the face of the wind was conjured as a flow visualization in a wind tunnel.

In an attempt to communicate with the face of the wind the artist has created the computer program
“Language Lessons for the Wind,” and tracked the history of interaction with the face of wind demonstrated by appearance in architectural ornament throughout the world. The scroll contains a selection of examples collected by him. The scroll can be handled and is meant to be interacted with and read.

Framed sections of the Wind Egg Scroll are also available. 

Section I.

Section II.