Wird (2016) is Haseeb Ahmed’s first solo exhibition with Harlan Levey Projects.

“Wird” is part two of the Wind Egg  trilogy that sits at the intersection of art and fluid dynamics. While part one, the “Wind Egg,” was a site-specific installation and performance in the laboratories of the von Karmand Institute for Fluid Dyanmics, part two, “Wird,” moves the experimental facilities of the “Wind Egg” experiment to the gallery setting. The Wind Egg film premiered and was exhibited in the Wird exhibtion.

The Wind Egg take up from millenia old cross-cultural concept that the wind could fertilize animals and people as it does plants. Vultures were most commonly known to be exclusively female and only reproduce with the wind. Ahmed starts with vultures to propose new forms of conception with the wind and without men.

The experiment features an acoustic vortex to incubate a successfully inseminated wind egg which emits a heartbeat. The wind peronification wind tunnel renderst the face fo the wind atop of which the vulture aviary is situated so that that the couple can be close. 

Also presentented are astrobiological extensions of the project that see sperm reentering the Earth’s atmosphere housed in golden nanocages on board the QARMAN satelite. 

Performance in the installation.